Today's communications market demands future-proofing, and solid solutions built on firm technical foundations.

Robust products, ease of integration, value for money and great support are what's required by system integrators. Breeze Technologies MPEG encoder solutions meet these criteria, and more.

Ice Blue is a high-end broadcast and production encoder/decoder that enables MPEG1, 2 and 4 encoding and decoding with a mix of SDI, composite, digital AES, balanced and embedded audio inputs and outputs.
Ice Blue is an ideal solution for digital signage, with it's ability to stream the desktop or incorporate PowerPoint and web-based applications. The video input can be combined with the desktop to re-purpose content. This feature makes a cost effective signage system.

The product supports the creation and playback of Transport, Program, System and MP4 files.

It is already being used in applications for Compliance and Archive recording, Corporate Television Distribution and providing real-time ingest to video servers, including Darwin Streaming Server.

Other features such as decode whilst encode, video loop-through and text overlay are all available on a single PCI card designed to deliver the highest degree of confidence, flexibility and resilience within multi-channel digital broadcast, network and archive systems.

The powerful feature of real-time transcoding brings cutting edge performance for re-packaging and re-purposing of content. This allows your existing MPEG2 content to be converted to MPEG4 in real-time.

Ice Blue delivers the reliability, functionality and standards needed in today's and tomorrow's communication industries.

Software in the form of free issue SDKs for Windows and Linux, PowerStream (supplied), PowerStream Enterprise Edition (multi-encoder control and management) and online support is available to system integrators and developers. PowerStream is based on DirectShow architecture.

  IceBlue Technical Specification:  

Video Input
SDI, Composite, PAL/NTSC

Audio Input
Embedded SDI Digital
Balanced (XLR)
Video Encoding
MPEG1, MPEG2, MP@ML, MPEG4, SP@L1, L2 and L3
with extensions to full D1 interlaced video
Scene change detection
Adaptive field/frame motion compensation and DCT type
Inverse telecine (3:2 pulldown) (NTSC only)
Motion estimation +/- 127 pels h, +/- 63 pels v0.5 pels accuracy
Fixed (25 PAL, 29.97 NTSC) and variable frame rates
128kbps - 15 Mbps
Horizontal resolution 128 - 720 pixels in 16 steps
Fixed resolutions of QSIF, SIF, HDI, 2/3D1, 3/4D1, FD1, for NTSC and PAL
Programmable GOP structure and length: I, IP, IPB and IBBP
Low latency
multi-board support

Audio Encoding
MPEG1 layer I and II
MPEG1 layer 3 (MP3)
AAC and AC-3
Sampling frequencies 32, 44.1, 48 and 96kHz
Bits per channel: 16, 20, 24

Single channel
MPEG1 system stream
MPEG2 Program Stream or Transport Stream
MPEG4 encapsulated in MPEG 2 Transport Stream
PES and ES output
ISMA Compliant and MP4 file format compliant, including hinting

Video Input Conditioning
Selectable pre-filtering
Time Base Correction
On Screen Display, burnt-in or overlay text or graphics
Colour bars
Contrast, saturation, hue, gamma control

Audio Input Conditioning
Fade up
Audio Loss Warning
Tone Generation




Video Output

Audio Output
Embedded SDI Digital
Balanced (XLR)
monitor out (3.5 mini jack)

Video Decoding
MPEG1, 2 and 4
7-tap horizontal and 2-tap vertical filter
Letterbox conversion
3:2 pulldown
Closed caption and teletext

Audio Decoding
MPEG1 layer I and II
MPEG 1 layer 3 (MP3)
AAC and AC-3
Sampling frequencies 32, 44.1, 48 and 98kHz
Bits per channel

System, program and transport stream

Background and Video plane
2 x 32 bit alpha-blending (RGB and YUV)
2, 4 or 8 colour indexing
per-pixel transparency
Deflicker filtering

Power Consumption
2w @ 5VDC
9w @ 3.3 VDC

Standards Compliance
CE and FCC approved
ISO/IEC 14496 and ISO/IEC 13818 compatible

System Requirements
Win XP, 2000, NT4
Red Hat 7, Red Hat 9





IceBlue Brochure - pdf download

Blue User Manual - PDF download


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